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Beech Stone Cleaning And Restoration

  Papplewick Pumping Station.

Papplewick was erected 1882 – 1885 by M Ogle
Tarbotton for Nottingham Corporation Water
Department. His design was in a Gothic Revival
style in brick with ashlar and moulded brick
dressings. There is also a very fine brick
Byzantine vaulted reservoir that is now featured
within a nature and garden trail.
Prior to restoration of the building a structural
assessment of the buildings was undertaken
which summarised that the structural components
of the building were in good condition with hardly
any alterations made during the last 120 years.
The buildings were in potentially good condition
but needed urgent and comprehensive repair and
restoration immediately to ensure their survival.
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Papplewick Pumping Station won The Brick Awards - Best Refurbishment Projects 2006

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